Tidal Babe Period Bank logo in white.
A program of COVERD Greater Cincinnati

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Together with social service agencies, hospitals, and schools, Tidal Babe Period Bank is working hard to provide menstruators with easy access to free period supplies. Our work will continue until period poverty is a thing of the past!

How Does Lack of Diapers Affect Families & Children?

An insufficient number of diapers has many detrimental outcomes for children and families including a lack of physical, mental, emotional, and educational well-being.

Most immediately, an inadequate supply of diapers forces many parents to leave their children in a soiled diaper longer than is appropriate–sometimes for days at a time. This leads to diaper rash, staph, and urinary tract infections.

When parents run out of diapers, they are forced to withdraw their children from childcare. Without proper child care, parents cannot work to support their families and cannot attend the schooling that will help them provide a firm economic base for their family.

Our mascot Morty at our nations capital, DC!

The Mission

Mission: We promote dignity and health for people in need by increasing awareness of the need for, and access to, essential hygiene products. 

Vision: We envision a region where people are happy, healthy, and safe because their basic needs are met with dignity. 


Integrity: We treat everyone with grace, dignity and respect.

Intentionality: We bridge gaps between community needs and resources.

Insight: We listen to research and reality, amplify stories of need, and advance systemic change. 

Innovation: We creatively solve problems and ignite radical change.

Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank History

People say diaper need will disappear when pigs fly. We say welcome to Cincinnati: where pigs fly, we put chili on our spaghetti, and diaper need is being eliminated, one baby at a time.