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Frequently Asked Questions for Tidal Babe Period Bank

Coverd Greater Cincinnati Frequently Asked Questions

Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank provides diapers to social service organizations and government agencies (such as schools) that are helping families in need through comprehensive programs and services.  Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank has found that distributing diapers in this way ensures they reach those who need them most. It also provides partnering organizations a resource – diapers – they are not normally able to provide, increasing the services they can offer. By working with organizations that are already well established in the community and currently working with families in need, Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank ensures that the diapers collected are distributed to families in the most efficient and timely manner. For a variety of reasons, we cannot distribute diapers directly to families. If you would like to receive diapers on an ongoing basis, please check our I Need Diapers page for a current list of our partner agencies.

We work with over 50 partner agencies throughout Greater Cincinnati. For the most up-to-date list, check our Partner Agencies page.

We serve the Greater Cincinnati area. Currently, Hamilton, Clermont, Butler, Warren, Adams, and Brown Counties in OH; Kenton, Campbell, and Boone Counties in KY.

Check out our wonderful board members here. Are you interested in becoming a Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank board member or serving on a Board committee? Email us at info@sweetcheeksdiaperbank.org.

You can go HERE to check out copies of our annual reports and 990s.

In order for Cincinnati families to receive free diapers, we need social service agencies to connect with parents in need. Please have a read through the New Partner Agency FAQ page.

We are located in Lower Price Hill right next door to the Kroger plant:

Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank
1400 State Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45204

While cloth diapers may save money in the long term, they require an initial investment of money and time that many low-income families can’t afford. To use cloth diapers a family must either hire a diaper service at a monthly charge or have reliable access to laundry facilities. Sometimes people living in poverty do not have affordable access to washing facilities or detergent. Many laundromats prohibit the washing of cloth diapers in their machines for sanitary reasons. The majority of licensed daycare centers do not accept cloth diapers, and require parents and caregivers to provide a steady supply of disposable diapers. A child being turned away from a daycare center can mean a day of missed work for a parent and a cut to their already low income.

All that said–we LOVE cloth and know that it’s the perfect solution for lots of folks. If you’re interested in supporting the cloth diaper movement for families in need, we suggest reaching out to The Cloth Option.

At the bottom of each page is a space to sign up. Enter your email address and click the big “Sign Up” button. You’ll receive an email newsletter about once a month, and sometimes more frequently if there are exciting things going on to tell you about.

Please visit our donate page to make a financial donation. Diaper donations can be made at any local Once Upon a Child store (we pick them all up once a month!), or you can email us to coordinate a time to drop off a donation. Want to donate something other than diapers? Please send us a message at support@sweetcheeksdiaperbank.org so we can work out the details.

Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank wouldn’t exist without our volunteers! We need hundreds of volunteer hours each month to wrap and package our diapers for partner agencies. Visit our volunteer page to get all the details on how you can personally make a difference in the lives of babies in Cincinnati.

We love partnering with other companies that want to make a positive change in our city. You can get a quick look at our annual sponsorship levels here.

You can find copies of our annual reports, available to download, HERE.

Questions About Becoming A Partner Agency?

Look no further! Click below to view our FAQ specific to partner agencies.