Tidal Babe Period Bank logo in white.
A program of COVERD Greater Cincinnati

Breaking The Cycle of Period Poverty in Greater Cincinnati

How Tidal Babe Period Bank Began

After the success of our sister program, Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank, we learned of period poverty while working closely with social service agencies that were distributing our donated diapers. They reported an urgent need for period supplies for low-income women. Our hearts broke when we heard stories of young girls not going to school while menstruating due to the lack of these basic supplies. We realized the problem doesn’t go away when these girls grow up. They’re often not able to attend school or work, putting them behind on homework and bills. The cycle of poverty we recognized with diaper need was also occurring for menstruators of all ages due to lack of income.

We knew we had to do something.

In December of 2018, Tidal Babe Period Bank became a new program of Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank. We immediately began distributing period supplies through our existing distribution channels and are currently working to serve 1,500 women in need every single month.

Meet our CEO & Founder

Megan Milstead

It all started with a vision.

Megan Milstead is the founder and CEO of COVERD Greater Cincinnati.