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A program of COVERD Greater Cincinnati

Tidal Babe Period Bank is Located in the Heart of Cincinnati

COVERD Greater Cincinnati On The Map

We are located in Lower Price Hill in Cincinnati, OH. We are proud to operate out of our new 16,000 square foot facility and can’t wait to welcome you to our home!

COVERD Greater Cincinnati
1400 State Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45204

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What areas do we serve?

We serve the Greater Cincinnati area. Currently, Hamilton, Clermont, Butler, Warren, and Brown Counties in OH; Kenton, Campbell, and Boone Counties in KY; and Dearborn County in IN.

Land Acknowledgement

The Cincinnati area and the land that COVERD Greater Cincinnati is on is the native homeland of the Indigenous Algonquian speaking tribes, including the Delaware, Miami, and Shawnee tribes.