Tidal Babe Period Bank logo in white.
A program of COVERD Greater Cincinnati

Tidal Babe Is Cincinnati’s First Period Bank

Tidal Babe Period Bank is working to end period poverty in Greater Cincinnati by distributing free tampons, pads, and other necessary supplies to women in need.

Where Can I Get Free Tampons?

Register with a local partner agency to receive free tampons, pads, and other free period supplies.

How Do We Use Your Donations?

We are proud of our commitment to transparency regarding how we use your donations.

Wait… What is Period Poverty?

While almost everyone knows about periods, not everyone is aware of what happens when someone can’t afford hygiene products.

Our Location

We want to be close to where we are needed most which is why we set up shop in the heart of Greater Cincinnati.

A bridge on the Ohio River in Cincinnati, Ohio.