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A program of COVERD Greater Cincinnati

What Does Tidal Babe Period Bank Do?

We Empower Menstruators

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Donate Funds or Period Supplies

From local period supply drives to high-volume corporate sponsorship purchases, getting tampons, pads, and other period supplies in the door is the first step in our process.

Volunteer at Tidal Babe Period Bank.

We can’t do this alone! Our goals are accomplished through an army of volunteers who give their time to help menstruators in our community. Put in a little and get a lot back. Join the fight to end period poverty in Cincinnati!

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Change Lives

We work with local partner agencies, hospitals, schools and OBGYNs that work directly with menstruators in need. While we’ve only just begun our work to end period poverty in Cincinnati, we have already donated over 4000 period supply kits to improve the lives of 400 women and girls.  

Learn More About What We Do To End Period Poverty In Cincinnati

Our Model

Our model of working through existing social service agencies to get our period supply kits out the door is one reason things run so smoothly around here!

Our Partner Agencies

Find a local partner agency within Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky!

Our Impact

Hear from menstruators, parents, and our partner agencies about how our donations have impacted our community.