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A program of COVERD Greater Cincinnati

Fly & Dry Is Cincinnati’s FIRST & ONLY Incontinence Supply Bank

We know this can be a sensitive topic but we’re here to help. Make a donation online to join our cause and help local Cincinnati residents in need.

Where Can I Get Free Incontinence Supplies?

We hope to launch this program soon! When we do, you can register with a local partner agency to receive free products.

How Do We Use Your Donations?

We are proud of our commitment to transparency regarding how we use your donations.

Wait… What is Basic Needs Poverty?

While almost everyone knows about food insecurity, not everyone is aware of what happens when someone can’t afford basic hygiene products.

Our Location

Serving all of Cincinnati can be a challenge which is why we’re located right in the heart of our community.

A bridge on the Ohio River in Cincinnati, Ohio.