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A program of COVERD Greater Cincinnati

We Are Cincinnati's Only Nonprofit Basic Needs Bank

We may be the only basic needs bank, but we are not alone! Together with social service agencies, we are working hard to provide adults with easy access to free incontinence supplies. Our work will continue until basic needs poverty is a thing of the past!

How Does Lack of Incontinence Supplies Affect Our Community?

It is estimated that 25 million adults in the United States suffer from temporary or chronic urinary incontinence. Due to people living longer, there has been an increase in incontinence sufferers, making it the fastest-growing absorbent hygiene issue among adults.

The Impacts Don't Stop at Individuals They Affect Our Community as a Whole.

Lack of incontinence supplies leads to hygiene and health concerns, and it makes it difficult to participate in daily life with dignity. By supporting individuals to maintain their own health and independence, we hope to remove some of the barriers that prevent our neighbors from being involved in the community through work, family, etc.

People Experiencing Urinary Incontinence May:
  • Avoid leaving home
  • Miss work or be unable to hold a steady job due to poor attendance.
  • Skip or avoid social events with friends and family
  • Experience health concerns
Volunteers preparing free period product kits to be distributed through our partner agencies.

The Mission

Mission: We promote dignity and health for people in need by increasing awareness of the need for, and access to, essential hygiene products. 

Vision: We envision a region where people are happy, healthy, and safe because their basic needs are met with dignity. 

Our Values

Integrity: We treat everyone with grace, dignity and respect.

Intentionality: We bridge gaps between community needs and resources.

Insight: We listen to research and reality, amplify stories of need, and advance systemic change. 

Innovation: We creatively solve problems and ignite radical change.

Fly & Dry Basic Needs Bank History

After spending years in the nonprofit world working to end diaper need in Cincinnati, we learned of the disparity regarding incontinence supplies and decided something needed to be done. With an experienced staff in place, we restructured our successful organization to tackle other issues facing our community. During this process, Fly & Dry Basic Needs Bank was born.