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Over 12,000,000 Diapers Donated

That’s 12 Million Clean, Dry, & Happy Bottoms That Were Directly Impacted By Our Work.

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4,000 Children Served Per Month

Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank is proud of the impact we’ve had on the Greater Cincinnati area in a few short years. More babies are happy, healthy, and safe because they have clean diapers. More caregivers have been relieved of the stress that comes from not knowing where their baby’s next clean diaper will come from. We are helping to strengthen the amazing partner agencies we work with by giving them an incentive, diapers, that keeps families plugged into social services that can change their lives.

How Our Diapers Have Impacted The Community

Quotes from Grateful Clients and Partner Agencies:
"Having a program like Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank available to a household like mine, that budget and live pay check to pay check, has been a huge blessing. Diapers, like many other necessities we need for our children, are very costly, and there were times we would of had to scrape up change for a pack of diapers if it weren’t for the generosity of Sweet Cheeks. I am grateful I am able to be a part of this great program, and hopefully one day my family will be able to give back what they’ve given me!”
Client of St. Elizabeth Hospital’s BabySteps Program
“At the CHECK foster care clinic, we have seen people be pleasantly surprised by, and express how they feel supported by, now being able to receive diapers at their checkups. We see kids for an initial visit, and then the next month for a follow up so we can now give diapers at both appointments, and it helps set up foster parents for success in a new placement with foster children.”
CHECK Foster Care Clinic, a program of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
“During the peak of the formula shortage, many of our clients were extremely worried about finding the money to buy diapers and formula. This program allowed them to put their money towards feeding their children, instead of trying to split their income between formula and diapers. “
Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health
“D is a mom of 5, living with her mom and siblings because she is a victim of DV. She was brave enough to leave her abusive relationship. The father of their children does not provide financial support. D depends on Sweet Cheeks diapers to provide diapers for her 2-year-old and 4-month-old daughters. Receiving this monthly assistance allows her to buy food for her children. D is always grateful for the assistance she receives.”
TriHealth Perinatal Program

We have made a huge impact in our community but our job isn’t done yet!