Hello Partners!

Some of you have been asking about the Potty Training Toolkits. We are excited to announce that we have secured some funding for new kits. We have a limited starting supply, and can begin distributing what we have on hand starting in June. We are in the process of securing components to assemble more.

The kit is a “graduation” from our diaper program. It will include a 1-time distribution of 100 training pants (Pull-Ups, goodnites, etc.). The kit should be the last distribution for the child who receives it.

The kit also currently includes: (1) Mr. Petey Potette Potty and (1) pack of 2T-3T or 4T-5T underwear, as well as some assorted items as available, including a book, crayons, and nose wipes.

If you have children in your program ready for a Potty Training Toolkit, please email me your initial request (in addition to your regular request through Human Essentials). Please include the words “Potty Toolkit Request” and your agency name in the subject line. We will fill as many as we can, then I will add it to Human Essentials ordering when we are stocked up.

Please limit the request to only current needs; we do not have enough for you to keep kits on hand for later. In your request email, please include the following info for each kit needed:

  1. Boy, girl, or unspecified/no preference (we will try to match underwear and training pants gendered styles, as available)
  2. Underwear size (2T/3T, OR 4T/5T)
  3. Training pants size (2T/3T, 3T/4T, OR 4T/5T)

Thanks everyone! Please comment here or email me with any questions!