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Did you miss the Partner Meeting? Let’s try again.

If you missed the 2024 Annual Partner Agency Meeting on January 10, 2024, or if you would like a refresher, we have one more opportunity to meet. We have scheduled a single make-up session via Zoom to meet with anyone who had questions after the first meeting, or who were unable to make it. If

Important End of Year Updates! Please Read!

Please read this entire post for information about 1) The annual meeting in January; 2) Your 2023 Partner Annual Report; 3) Your 2024 Collaborative Partnership Agreement; and 4) updated 2024 pickup schedule, Cheat Sheet, Tracking Sheet, etc. Don’t forget to RSVP to the Jan 10 Zoom meeting. If you have any questions, please let me

Don’t forget the early pick-up schedule for October!

This is a friendly reminder that your October pick-up day is a week earlier than usual. Your orders were due on Tuesday 9/26/23. Please refer to the schedule to confirm your day. However, if you forgot about the early due date, please submit by the end of the day today, and I can still get

Agency Fees and Website Listings Check

Hello everyone! This year is off to a busy start. Thank you to everyone who has been flexible with pickup times as we get caught up on making period kits and bundling diapers! A quick reminder, and a request: Thank you all! Nick

Did you miss the partner meeting?

Thank you to everyone who came out to our annual meeting last Thursday! It was great to see you all! A PDF of the slides is below. Please note that all of the annual agreement and report questions are listed in the “2022 Annual Report Preview and Tracking Tool” spreadsheet, linked at the top of

May 16, 2022- Potty-Training Toolkit Requests

Hello Partners! Some of you have been asking about the Potty Training Toolkits. We are excited to announce that we have secured some funding for new kits. We have a limited starting supply, and can begin distributing what we have on hand starting in June. We are in the process of securing components to assemble

Mar 15, 2022- Missing Reports- Accounts Deactivated

Hello Partners, Any partner agencies who have not submitted either the 2021 Annual Report or the 2022 Partner agreement should have received an email from me. Ordering is on hold for these partners until those 2 submissions are received, and their PartnerBase accounts have been deactivated. Please contact me with questions or concerns. Once all

Mar 1, 2022- Annual Reports Due Yesterday!

Thank you to everyone who has submitted the 2021 Annual Report on time! For everyone else, this report is now overdue. Please let me know if you are having trouble accessing it or completing it. All partners who have not submitted the 2021 Annual Report will not be able to place orders for April until

Feb 15, 2022- Agreements Past Due, Reports Due Soon

Hello Partners! We still have a few partners who have not submitted their 2022 Annual Partnership Agreement. We won’t be able to process March orders for those agencies until the agreements are submitted. You should have received an email from me if this applies to you. Once all the agreements are submitted, we will start