Monthly Archives: January 2021

Partner Agencies – Maintaining Your Contacts

Partner Agencies are now responsible for maintaining your current contacts in PartnerBase. When we do need to send emails directly to a program, we will be using the contacts you have in PartnerBase. It is not possible for us to effectively manage a spreadsheet as changes are made at each organization. To Update Your Contacts

Jan 15 Updates and Announcements (Neon Instructions, Deadline)

The primary contact provided to us in September 2020 for your organization will be receiving an invitation this week (1/18-1/22) to sign-in to Neon under your organization. You can download the instructions at the bottom of this post for how to create your account and complete the forms. 2021 Annual Partnership Agreement Deadline in Neon:

Jan 01 Updates and Announcements (2021 Annual Partner Agency Meeting)

Thank you for attending the 2021 Annual Partner Agency Meeting with us on January 7th! We are so excited to continue growing our partnerships with each of you in 2021. Last year was a challenging one, with each of us learning to adapt to COVID-19 while continuing to meet the needs of people in our