Hello Partners!

We have run into some snags and have fallen behind on our diaper wrapping. We are hoping to catch up in time for July distributions, but I wanted to ask our Sweet Cheeks partners:

  1. Would your agency be able and willing to delay your July pick-up until the week of July 25? We are looking for a few partners to postpone their pick-up, to help give us a bit more time to get caught up.
  2. Do you want to do your volunteer hours next week Tuesday-Thursday (July 5-7)? If we get a couple groups scheduled, that would help us put a dent in the work!

If you are able to do either of those, please contact me at nick@sweetcheeksdiaperbank.org.

Regarding Potty Training Toolkits: we are finalizing our process and securing the final components to relaunch. Feel free to email requests for July, and I will do my best to complete them with the time and pieces that we have. I hope to have the process finalized and on the order forms for August orders.

Another heads up regarding Potty Training Toolkits: these are under our Fly & Dry Basic Needs Bank program. For 2023, we will likely have this as a separate option and Tier to choose on your annual agreement.