Hello Partners!

We still have a few partners who have not submitted their 2022 Annual Partnership Agreement. We won’t be able to process March orders for those agencies until the agreements are submitted. You should have received an email from me if this applies to you. Once all the agreements are submitted, we will start processing and sending out invoices. If you need an invoice sooner, just let me know.

Next up, all 2021 Annual Reports are due by the end of February. Thank you to the 14 partners who have already completed it!!

For anyone who indicated interest in the Partner Advisory Group on their agreement, I will be reaching out to all of you soon to schedule our first of 4 planned meetings for the year.

Finally, let me know if you would like a recording of the 2/6/22 Annual Partner Meeting for review, or to share with one of your team.

Thanks for all you do!