Hello Partners!

Please don’t forget your Annual Partnership Agreement is due today (Feb 1, 2022). I’m happy to help you get logged in if you are having trouble. The link is currently available at the top of the updates page. If for any reason you have decided not to continue the partnership, please reach out to me.

Your 2021 Annual Report is due at the end of February. Thanks to those who have submitted it early!

Regarding the new Client Application form: I will be making a couple edits based on feedback I have received. The most recent version will always be available to download through the link at the top of the updates page. If there is anything you think should be changed, please let me know! As a reminder, it is available in English, Spanish, and Nepali. If other languages are needed, please request them and we can work on it.

Thanks everyone! Excited for another great year working with you!