Hi everyone!

Kara’s Role: Thanks for hanging in with us while we work to fill Kara’s role. I am super excited to say that we have found an amazing person to step in and lead our Programs. They will start on August 24th and as soon as we finalize more of the administrative side of things I can’t wait to introduce you all to our new team member.

Economic Impact Surveys: If you have physical surveys that are completed you are welcome to put them in our mailbox at the front of the warehouse. Some people have also stuffed them/wedged them behind the mailbox too. At this point, the initial collection phase is over and you can keep them to bring them back all at once. We have until Dec. 31st for those of us that are pilot agencies to get the data in, but I’d like to wrap it up much, much sooner than that if possible so we can all get that brain space back. 🙂

“Extra” stuff on the shelves in the warehouse: We’ve had an influx of random stuff dropped off that are on the shelves in the warehouse. Feel free to stop by on any pickup day (even if it’s not yours!) to check out what’s there. I know we have lots of wipes, kid and men’s body wash, books, and more! Just remember to make a note on the sheet on the podium near the shelves of what you took.

Cincinnati Enquirer Request: The Enquirer has been working on a large story about Domestic Violence and is looking for someone in particular to interview. They want to talk to a survivor who has made it through to the other side, gotten help and out of the situation, and is willing to use their name/story to encourage others who may still be in a domestic violence situation. Someone who is relatable, a regular person, potentially someone who has gone on to have a successful life, career, relationships, etc. They would be running this person’s story (video for sure, possibly print versions as well) with all aspects of this domestic violence feature, which will likely be released in multiple segments. Its purpose is to be a PSA of sorts and a way to help other women see both what domestic violence can look like, and give hope for a future as a survivor. If you know someone who might fit that description, you can reach out to photographer Liz Dufour at the Enquirer: LDUFOUR@cincinna.gannett.com.