Don’t forget! Please complete an outcome survey with all diaper and period product recipients in the month of May! (The next survey month is November. During the other 10 months, please remember to complete a survey with anyone receiving products for the first time.)

As always, the printable versions of the one-minute surveys are available for download at the top of the Partner Updates Page. The QR code on the survey takes you to the Google Forms version. Feel free to use the paper or digital version, although the digital version does save us on data-entry time. If you would like a custom link with your agency name pre-filled in the Google Form, just let me know!

There is a different survey for Sweet Cheeks diapers and Tidal Babe period supplies, but the process is the same. The outcome surveys are a requirement for both programs, and one of the only ways we get data from families served. We will be suspending distributions to partners with a pattern of non-participation in this important part of the partnership. I will be reaching out to those partners soon.

Thank you so much to all of you who have stepped up and brought in a record number of Sweet Cheeks outcome surveys in 2023!